Product Sourcing Services + Project Management

Supply Chain Efficiency
DirecSource services have been proven to reduce sourcing, production, oversight and delivery costs, which have led to significant reductions in operating expenses and the flexibility to reallocate resources toward business development efforts.  smarrow

Broad Diverse “Independent” Network
Over the past 20 years, we have developed an independent network of trusted partners who provide us access to a broad range of Raw Materials, diverse Manufacturing capabilities and Design Flexibility. Our vendors are independently owned entities. DirecSource does not represent the factories; we represent you! 

Trusted and Experienced
DirecSource is a US company with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver and Boston. We’ve been doing business in Asia for over 20 years and have built a unique knowledge of culture and customs ensuring quality and reliability. We provide our clients access to this trusted network of material suppliers and manufacturing partners that are second to none. 

Comprehensive Project Management
DirecSource employs over 70 business professionals in Asia who provide management and oversight specific to your project. Individual disciplines range from designers and engineers to material sourcing specialists, quality control supervisors to production managers, packaging engineers and shipping coordinators. Our experienced staff ensures quality and reliability with every order. 

Complete Quality Control
DirecSource uses the latest technologies available for raw material and finished goods testing. We have testing facilities in both Asia and the US, where we are able to test and provide results and solutions quickly and reliably.  During manufacturing, our vendors are audited and constantly monitored ensuring that quality standards and methods are used.