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Setting Product Development Goals in 2012 To Increase Efficiencies

Posted on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 10:56 AM

What are your company’s goals heading into 2012? As the economy rocks back and forth it’s putting greater pressure on f2012 Plansirms to increase profitability.

At the same time, consumer demand is requiring brands to develop the latest innovations and technical advancements.

With those opposing forces in play it’s a great time to reflect and look at how you’re operating your business.

Our goal at Direcsource is to help brands operate smarter. Our team has the experience and ability to manage a brands entire supply chain – from sourcing and manufacturing to shipping and fulfillment. That leaves our partners with the time and ability to discover the best ways to put their product in front of their target audience.

With a team of nearly 100 workers in the US and over 70 workers on the ground in Asia we have the ability to not only produce products but to help brands in a range of other ways including prevention of counterfeiting, packaging, supply chain efficiencies and identifying plants that have the most modern equipment.

With 2012 just around the corner it’s a great time to look ahead and look at ways your brand can become more efficient. We particularly enjoyed Lisa Anderson’s recent article about setting goals in Executive Brief Magazine.

“In my experience, the ones who will be thriving not only in a typical business environment but also in today’s new normal are the ones that put together plans, translate those plans into business, department, individual and project goals, and then execute effectively. Goal-setting is a vital component of this process,” said Anderson in her article.

Anderson points out that there are several keys to effective goal setting.

1) Tie the goals to the business strategy and plan.

2) The goal must be a stretch yet achievable.

3) The goal must be measurable.

At Direcsource that’s exactly what we try and do this year as we talk with existing customers and new customers about ways they can improve their supply chain efficiency. Some of the things that talk about include: 

  • Expenditure on raw materials – Have you examined all possibilities to see if there is a way your company can save on the cost of raw materials. Direcsource works with a lot of different brands and often has greater buying power because we’re able to buy in bulk.
  • Fear of counterfeiting – We have longstanding relationships with the factories in our network and with a team of more than 70 executives on the ground in Asia, each of our customers projects are being monitored throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Efficient – Imagine the efficiencies with just one source that takes care of everything from process procurement to shipping and fulfillment. With five warehouses in the US we not only get the product into the US but also can ship to your customer or consumer. It’s a level of efficiency that enables our branded partners to shave dollars off their bottom line.

There are dozens of other ways that we’ve been able to help brands become more efficient and profitable and it all starts with planning. Even if you are comfortable in your current manufacturing process you’ll feel even better after a quick consultation with our team and learn that you’re doing everything you can to save – or maybe we’ll have some ideas that can help save your brand time and money.

If your brand is talking about goals for 2012 we’d love to be a part of that conversation. 

To read Lisa Anderson’s entire article about setting goals click here:



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