Leaders in Product Development and Diversified Global Supply Chain Management

We started 20 years ago, helping US manufacturers source components and semi-finished products overseas. Now we help inventors, designers, brands and retailers to design, develop, test and manufacture a wide range of products offshore. From Mexico and South Korea to Vietnam, Cambodia and beyond. Our team is an extension of your team and act as your eyes and ears on the ground.

DirecSource is a product development and supply chain management resource focused on creating unique solutions for each of our customers. Our goal is to get your product to market as fast as possible, while ensuring all regulatory and compliance needs are met. With the sudden changes in shipping costs, our customers urgently require re-location of manufacturing. Direcsouce is helping them get closer to their home markets, thereby reducing tariff exposure, improving lead times and optimising transport costs.

We are FDA registered and ISO:9001 certified. We have our own laboratory and engineering team to provide checks and balances during the development and production process.

Our network of distribution centers in the US and Asia provide our customers with a range of fulfillment needs from Amazon’s Seller Central, through to large distributed deliveries to retailers. We are able to pick and pack as well as support vendor managed inventory.



To learn how DirecSource can provide product development and diversified global supply chain solutions for your business, please fill out our contact form or call us at 1-888-964-3646.