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Product DNA is an integral part of our company’s philosophy. We believe that every aspect of the product should be traceable. From the where the raw materials are sourced, all the way through to who, when and where the finished product gets manufactured. With greater familiarity of the provenance of your product, it allows you to have the capability to have greater control and assurance of the quality of the product that we deliver to your customers.


For every product that we are involved in, whether it be a prototype or a finished product, we develop product specifications for our customers. Product specifications allow us to clearly visualize and track every single aspect of the product – tooling design, 3D renderings, packaging, stickers, testing requirements and more. Having the ability to visualize all aspects of your product is critical in managing high and low risk areas of the product.



Speed is key when developing products. We want our customers to go-to-market faster than any of their competitors to gain natural market advantage. Our years of experience with product development not only allows us to move design and prototype fast but our experience allows us to do so without tarnishing the quality of the product at any expense.



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