Meet the DirecSource Team

Bruce Rothwell

Bruce Rothwell is the Founder of Direcsource. With his family’s roots firmly originating in the textile and manufacturing industries, Bruce recognized, early on, that what his customers most consistently lacked, and needed most, was manufacturing standards for their products. Without the proper resources to execute a precise, quality engineered and controlled manufacturing process, many of the companies Bruce met were left to dedicate large amounts of their valuable cash and manpower toward overseeing this component of their business. Bruce understood that if he could build this resource for his clients, in turn, they would have the freedom and ability to remain focused on the more important drivers of growing their businesses: Sales, marketing, consumer engagement and finance. With over 30 years of experience, Bruce’s connectivity into the world of contract manufacturing and sourcing, along with DirecSource’s ability to warehouse and inventory on behalf of their clients, has made his company one of the most successful, privately-owned businesses in the industry. His main focus today is ensuring customers can take advantage of manufacturing solutions closer to home.

Mike Fowler

Mike Fowler has over 20 years experience working for some of the worlds best outdoor and active brands.  He has served as COO for Exxel Outdoors, VP of Supply Chain for Patagonia, Director of Operations at Pearl Izumi and President & COO of the premium diaper bag and accessories company Petunia Pickle Bottom.  Mike is a known and trusted leader who consistently delivers outstanding results with laser focus. 

Matthew Baile

Born and raised in the UK, Matt moved to Hong Kong in 1987. Matt has 34 years experience in consumer hard and soft goods product development, manufacturing and sales. He specializes in brand and product strategy, innovation, rapid product development and asset-free manufacturing. The systems and processes he built in Asia are now being extended to support manufacturing in North America and other emerging manufacturing regions. 



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